16 February 2009

北海道に行くぞ~! (Part 2)

Welcome to Part 2~!!!

10 Feb 09:

Slept in finally. Woke up; Yoli & Andrew left early to take a day to snowboard. Tricia and I took the bus out to
札幌つどーむ (Sapporo Community Dome), home of the tube slide & snowman making station, as well as more sculptures.

Me & Wall-E

If you wanted to make a snowman, there was station dedicated to making your own. They had a station to give your snowman a name card/message card. They also handed out wooden blocks to make the face as well as 2 different sized metal bowls to help the process of making the snowman tiers easier. I made the most WICKED snow BEAST ever~!!! He had spikes on his head; even gave the little guy wings. It took me a while to finish him. I wanted to be different from everyone else - with their cookie-cutter snowmen. MINE REIGNED SUPREME OVER ALL SNOWMEN~!!!

HAD to go down the tube slide, too. It was AWESOME. It was faster than it looked. When my sister went down the slide years back, they didn't have tubes to use. Just your ass on ice.

Took the bus back to the city to finish up looking at all the snow sculptures. Some were REALLY awesome. Some were...well...look at the pictures.

Yume ~ Dreams ~

キン肉マン (Kinnikuman)

どーもくん (Domo-kun)

Monkey...with Corn...

目玉親父 (Medama Oyaji)

ドラえもん (Doraemon)

Me & Stitch

A big-ass snow train~!!!

Look at the detail~!!!

(An Android from Laputa: Castle in the Sky)

Pon de Lion
Mascot of Asia's Popular "Mister Donut"

Northern Animal Family
Live Forever, the Forests

Isn't that a dope snow dragon~!!?

World Snow Sculpture Competition: First Place
(forgot which country in S.E. Asia.)

U.S.A. didn't even place.
Look at this~!!! What the hell IS this crap~!!?

Everyone. "Be anbitious."

DBZ: "Kamehameha~!!!"

This is supposed to be a "hug." Riiiiight. Booty.



Everyone LOVES Snoopy~!!!

Friends in the Southern Ocean

Me & a まんぼう (sunfish)

Oh yeah, Tricia and I were watching people ski down a man-made ski jump and do tricks, but then some random lady cut in front of us. I was gonna be all "What da heck LADY~!!?" That was until I noticed her fur-lined jacket hood~!!! I touched it lightly.


Met up with Yoli and Andrew at the Sapporo TV Tower. It was pretty cool up there. WAY too many people in such a small place, though.

A marimo guy in the tower.

Went to dinner near Ramen Alley at a place called SHO-RIN. Had RAD-ASS soup curry. I wish I ate that a second time; that was some freakin' GOOD stuff, man~!!!

11 Feb 09:
Last day in
北海道. We split up again. Yoli & Andrew went to finish up snow sculpture viewing. Tricia and I went back to すすきの to finish the ice sculptures.

Ice-cold beer, man~!!!

Is that...fish blood?

Yeah for Greenpeace~!!!

Ode to Portland Taiko's Fish Face

No, not "tortoise," but "tortise."

ダブルまりもっこり (Double Marimokkori)

Afterwards, we met around Sapporo TV Tower and subwayed to サッポロビール博物館 (Sapporo Beer Museum).

Before going in, we had lunch at a place that served ジンギスカーン (Genghis Khan), a famous BBQ lamb dish. It was good, but I couldn't get past the gamy/soapy taste. At least I can say I tried it.

Went into the museum; all these cool old cans, bottles, and signs. It was a pretty dope place. Had a bar there, too. Was able to try different kinds of beer. Did a "snowball" throwing contest and won a bag of Sapporo soda. I'd love to go back.

Let's learn about beer~!!!

Malted Barley: White & Black

"Yoli, EAT SOME NOW~!!!"


Bottoms up, ya'll. Gangsta.

Poor Andrew didn't win. 残念な。

Finally, we headed to the airport, did some last minute shopping, and split up to go home (Andrew's and my flight was before Yoli's and Tricia's). 北 海道 was such an amazing place. It's well-developed, yet still has the feel of Japan. The food was amazing, the people were stylish in a good way for a change, the music was poppin', the sculptures were off da hook, it was just awesome being there.

Maybe I should've applied to live in Hokkaido. AHAHAHAHAHA~!!! I'll be back again one day. Until I see you again,
北海道, I'll be missing you from my little rice field in the Kansai area.