14 October 2008

The Black ゴキブリ & My Pain

NOTE: There are no pics for this short blog - I apologize.

You know what a ゴキブリ (gokiburi) is? It's a cockroach. Ok, we've all seen these nasty, hemimetabolous insects before. But the ones in Japan give me an even more unpleasant feeling up my spinal column.

Story time...

So I came home one day, ready to cook something for dinner when I noticed something moving above me. This enormous ゴキブリ was scurrying about my ceiling. I quickly grabbed a can of cockroach spray (with a picture of a male chicken on the bottle - a picture that may lead one to suspect that it's Poultrycide, you know, for all those pesky chickens that raid your kitchen at night) and gassed the pest. After hitting the ground with a crunchy-like sound, it started running and trying to fly. I contained it in a paper cup, punctured a hole at the top, and continued to gas it. It took a whole night for it to die (I was still able to hear it scratching away at the cup walls while I was sleeping).

Don't know how it got in cuz my apartment's clean and virtualy oxygen-proof. Maybe it's kharma for making fun of my friend Kyle earlier in the work year. I would always say to him that there was a giant beetle kickin' it behind him on the wall while he was on the computer chatting with me. Ok, Kyle, I'm sorry. Happy now~!!?

Now, it's Tuesday night. Yesterday was a holiday. I spent my whole, glorious weekend indoors because I fell ill. A cold, allergies, I don't know, but all I know is, I can't breathe, my throat's sore, my eyes hurt, and my nose is stuffed up. This is my pain. I just want to be back to normal. Stupid wind and weather...

...more soon~!!!