19 September 2008

Not making fun, but...

Ok, so I've been correcting some stuff and stumbled upon some very interesting errors - some of which I want to make into t-shirts that I'd proudly wear out in public. Here are some sentences to enjoy:

Original say system finger group.

What do you play sports?

They is one times.

Do you like to play sex?

May I open she boa?

Now, here are some strange translations (word on the left = actual word; word on the right = word practice attempt). The following have helped me through some bad days. I cry with laughter thinking about them. After each one, I've made a simple sentence using the words attempted:

yellow - eielly
* Wow, look at that big, eielly bus!

difficult - bifficult
* It's very bifficult to learn Japanese.

housework - hogs work
* Sometimes, I just don't want to the hogs work.

travel - tolevil
* I need to save more money so I can tolevil the world.

exciting - hoppery
* Living here in Japan is so hoppery.

tomorrow - motorying
* I think it's going to rain motorying.

passport - prarytion
* Yesterday, I misplaced my prarytion.

beach - wactru
* I love running on this sandy wactru!

mountain - motorew
* I've always wanted to know what it's like to pet a motorew cat.

again - hogtry
* I'm sorry, can you repeat that hogtry?

around - ryicu/alinpas
* The dog ran ryicu the village.
* Please stop jumping alinpas the room.

through - stricito
* We will do our best stricito thick and thin!

believe - bilbo
* You must bilbo in yourself.


I love Japan~!!!

17 September 2008


Ok, so there is this lizard called やもり (yamori). In Japanese "ya" can mean "house," and "mori" can mean "bring luck to." Thus, the lizard brings luck to your house. THEREFORE, do NOT kill it~!!! Not a good omen.

Anyway, so I found a やもり in my house the other day. It was cute and scurrying along my hallway. Cute little guy. I guess he wanted some food because I chased him into my kitchen. I picked him up, thanked him for sending me some luck, and released him into the wild. I hope a cat or other rice field creature didn`t eat him.

Here`s what one looks like:

Don`t let the photo fool you. These guys are pretty small (by the way, this is a pic I got off the net...couldn`t take a picture of the one in my house because I didn`t have batteries for my camera...BUUU)~!!!


01 September 2008

Back from the "Dead"

Ok yeah, so it seems like f-ing forever since I've blogged. Thanks to Japan for letting me have fast, reliable internet at work. Ahaha, jk, Japan's technology isn't reliable when you need it. But over one month later and my supervisor telling me "Yes. You will get internet next week." each week DURING that month, I finally have internet. Lord be praised (seriously, that's not sarcasm)~!!!

* first day of school
* did a 自己紹介 (jikoshoukai = self introduction) for the whole student body in English
* did a longer 自己紹介 for the whole faculty in 日本語
* no one told me how to dress afterwards for...
* SCHOOL GROUNDS CLEANING (weeding...in the f-ing sun...thanks)
NOTES: The kids are so wild. It's good and it's bad, but hey, I'm a wild guy, too. I know how to think at the level of these kids. This is going to be fun, challenging, and...well...different. By the way, I've made friends with both of my English teachers. They're awesome and have been helping me out a lot~!!!

Let's now rewind back to the weekend before last.


EC weekend was SO amazing. It took me 3 trains and a ferry to get to Sado, a trip probably around 7 to 8 hours in total. I met a guy named Temu, a Japanese native that has been travelling the world since he was 19 years old (currently 25). He likes to breathe, eat and do tricks with fire. Japanese hippies are awesome.

So I spent my weekend with my friends, Jessica Saiki (Las Vegas, NV. - Sado), Yoli Haynes (San Diego, Ca. - Kashiwazaki?), Jay Soley (Tampa, Fl. - Kashiwazaki), and Susan Chiang (Fort Worth, Tx. - Sado). I also made a whole bunch of other friends in the Niigata area. Even made friends with a Japanese photographer. I even ran into a few familiar faces from the North American taiko community. Shout-outs to TAIKOPROJECT, Odaiko New England, and UCSD Asayake Daiko~!!!

Aside from Kodo hosting, there was a Brazilian drum and base group playing. The concert was OFF THE HOOK, but I wish I got my groove on a little more. In Japan, people don't believe in going out with a bang (C'mon, man, it's drumming. Seriously, wtf). Regardless, I'll always be a die-hard Kodo fan. I wish I had pictures of the actual concert, but security would actually confiscate your camera if they saw you taking photographs (granted, you'd get your camera back...I think). Btw, I'll be posting more EC 08 pictures on my Facebook later on...or now...which ever comes first. I'm too lazy to post more here right now.

To say the least, the whole weekend was full of good food, shopping, hippies, music, dancing, and just hanging out. Sado is a beautiful place - filled with lots of greenery and gigantor critters. On the way back, Kodo performed a casual farewell performance. It sent chills down my spine; it was SO good. Then, the whole ferry ride back to Naoetsu port, people were playing their okedo taiko on the upper-most deck. What a nice weekend. I'm looking forward to EC 09 FOH SHO~!!!

Well, that should be a good enough update on my life. There have been a lot of other things going on in my life - frustration, irritation, confusion, reassurance, realization to name a few - but that's for another day. Now I'm off to bed. I need energy to figure out my first lesson on Wednesday. "Mr. G." - as the kiddies call me - needs to prepare.