08 June 2009

Asano Taiko 400th Anniversary Celebration

I took a day off from work to head out to the Hakusan area in the Ishikawa prefecture for Asano Taiko's 400th Anniversary Celebration (June 4 - June 7). It was a pretty chill weekend to tell you the truth, although I was sick during the time I went...sucks. But anyway, because I found out about this event later than most people who knew about it, I wasn't able to take any workshops. Or at least I thought.

I ran into Yuta's sister, Julia, and she was able to get me into a singing/okedo workshop with Kodo's most senior member, THE Yoshikazu Fujimoto. It was such an awesome class.

Yoshikazu Fujimoto is SO cool~!!!

I also thought that I wasn't going to get into the concert, but thankfully, I was able to squeeze in. I watched "THE TAIKO CONCERT" from the cry room of the theater.

Other than the workshops and the concert, there were things being sold and mini live concerts at the Asano site. I even ran into Bryan & Maz of TAIKOPROJECT, Tiffany & Kristy of Sacramento Taiko Dan, and Chabo & Megan of Shidara. I was also invited to help carry the portable shrine to bless the Asano site. It was awesome times.

With Bryan & Maz

With Chabo, Tiffany, & Megan

With Kristy

This was SO heavy~!!!

It was a good weekend filled with nothing but the sound of taiko. I'm inspired to really do something with taiko this year. I feel it's time. Wish me luck, everyone~!!!

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